1. Acheron Lisp User Manual -- Compiling Source Files

1.1 Installation

Simply unzip the downloaded acheron_x.x.x.zip file to an folder on your system. You need at least Java 1.5 installed on your machine.

1.2 Compilation

Assume you want to compile your Lisp program consisting of two source files. FileA.lisp contains the following code:
(defun add-2 (x) (+ x 2))
And FileB.lisp contains this code:
(defun main () (add-2 10)))
If you want to compile this program to JavaScript you have to type this at your console:
java -cp acheron.jar de.defmacro.acheron.compiler.CompilerMain FileA.lisp FileB.lisp -o output/folder/destination/
This console call assumes that you have Java in your PATH and you are inside the folder that contains the acheron.jar file. If your not inside this folder, you have to supply an absolute or relative path to this file. The rest of the arguments invokes the compiler and passes it the two source file. Note that the order in which the source files are supplied might be relevant. This is for example the case if in one source file some macros are defined that are used in a second source file. The source file name that defines the macros has to be supplied to the compiler before the source file using the macros. With the -o argument you can specify where the compiler should put the compiled JavaScript files. This argument has to be a folder destination.

TODO Explain what is compiled and how the compiled files can be used (no auto load of different browser variants at the moment). Also explain the purpose of the function named main.

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