Acheron Lisp User Manual
Michael Bohn
Trier University of Applied Sciences

What is Acheron (Lisp)?

Acheron is a compiler that translates Common Lisp source code to JavaScript source code. The so compiled code can than be executed natively in any modern webbrowser. Because the Common Lisp language is quiet large, the compiler supports only a subset of the Common Lisp standard 1. This subset is called Acheron Lisp. Additionally to the supported subset of Common Lisp language elements, Acheron Lisp also supports native JavaScript functions that can be defined by the user. This type of functions serve as the bridges between Lisp and JavaScript.

Where do I find more information?

Please have a look at the chapters that describe the most important features of the compiler. There is not much at the moment but I will describe more in the (near) future.

1: There are no plans to support the full Common Lisp standard. Acheron Lisp will always be restricted to a useful subset of Common Lisp.

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